Bob Franken

Op-ed: Friendly world, hostile home

Americans hold their breath and hope against hope that President Donald Trump makes it through his overseas trip without further embarrassing the United States on... Read more

Op-ed: Sweet revenge

Robert Kennedy like to quote his father Joe: “Don’t get mad, get even.” That mindset is very much alive in Washington a generation later. It... Read more

Op-ed: The White House has a management problem

Mind you, I’m not anti-management. Some good leaders maintain thriving companies by inspiring a passion for a job well done in an atmosphere of confidence.... Read more

Op-ed: Premature gloating

Will we never learn? In March, all of us, including me, had a field day gloating over how President Donald Trump and his captive congressional... Read more

Op-ed: POTUS and his peeps

Let’s be real, people: When President Donald Trump constantly savages journalists for reporting “fake news,” he’s faking it. Read more

Op-ed: The hundred-day sham

Those who worry that they are closed-minded because they can’t conceive of agreeing with anything Donald Trump says or does can stop beating up on... Read more

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