Bob Franken

Op-ed: Modern duck and cover

The “duck and cover” drills in our nation’s schools from the 1950s and ’60s, captured in the rudimentary videos of that generation, are now quaint... Read more

Op-ed: She said, he said

There are so many problems in making a charge of sexual misbehavior and even more starkly when it comes to accusations of domestic abuse. Not... Read more

Op-ed: Reign on my parade

You know, there is such negativity out there. All President Donald Trump did was order his Pentagon higher-ups to put together a massive parade down... Read more

Op-ed: Fake news or fake Nunes?

I covered Capitol Hill during my CNN phase, which was quite a while ago, but to this day, I have friends who are veteran members... Read more

Dinosaurs and cheap shots

At first glance, this should be a huuuuuuge story: Prehistoric animal tracks, a lot of them, were discovered near Washington. On further reflection, though, it’s... Read more

Op-ed: State of the (Diss)Union

It’s not a Donald Trump thing for me. I have always believed that State of the Union speeches were dopey. It’s fair to say, though,... Read more

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