Bob Franken

Op-ed: How much do you tip the spy?

You’ve got to eat at the terrace dining room at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. Not only does it have a wine menu, a food... Read more

Op-ed: The Supreme games

Back when I was going through my CNN phase, I was covering a major espionage case. The counterintelligence peeps were holding an alleged spy in... Read more

Op-ed: Trump won the news conference

Donald Trump should do press conferences more often. Not for the country’s sake, certainly not for the media’s sake, but for his. He really shouldn’t... Read more

Op-ed: Tucker not Kellyanne

I had what I thought was such a brilliant idea that it breaks my heart the Fox News people came up with an even better... Read more

Op-ed: Politics is a much tougher game

What a phenomenal postseason finale for the political football season! Donald Trump’s Trump University won the Electoral College championship. At least his fraudulent institution didn’t... Read more

Op-ed: No honeymoon for President Trump

Forget about the honeymoon being over. There won’t be any honeymoon.

If you’re thinking my outburst came because I had a bad reaction to all... Read more

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