Bob Franken

Op-ed: Royal couple/odd couple

Usually, the only place to hear cultured British accents is anytime on PBS, but on the eve of the royal wedding, British experts were flooding... Read more

Sleaze never changes

A couple of generations ago, there was a story about a well-connected Washington figure who encountered a corporate type who was having trouble with government... Read more

Op-ed: Turnout is fair game

It’s not something he does very often, but this time President Donald Trump was telling the truth when, in his rambles before the National Rifle... Read more

Op-ed: He who freaks the most …

My long experience as a reporter has left me with a professional belief system. Actually, it’s more like a disbelief system, developed after decades of... Read more

Op-ed: Buying democracy

Let’s face it, the United States of America’s government is not a democracy like the textbook propaganda claims. No matter the intent of the founders,... Read more

Op-ed: Style over substance

Unlike so many others who ridicule Melania Trump as the president’s first bauble, or words to that effect, I have avoided commenting on her —... Read more

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