Bob Franken

Op-ed: Moral morass

Here’s how to become a principal in Washington: be unprincipled. In order to stand any chance of advancing to leadership, one must lead from behind,... Read more

Op-ed: A Dickens of a day

My wife spends a lot of time rolling her eyes. She knows, for instance, that when we meet at the end of the day and... Read more

Op-ed: The con artists

It’s like your standard con: The flimflammer counts on the flimflammee to be ripe for the swindle, to be a larcenous cheat him- or herself.... Read more

Op-ed: Season’s retreatings

Still another Thanksgiving has passed, and I have done what I always do: nothing. I didn’t overeat, and certainly didn’t travel. Getting together with family... Read more

Op-ed: The human turkeys

This Thanksgiving, better known as Black Friday Eve, we have revised the tradition a bit: We are serving and carving up the turkeys who are... Read more

Op-ed: The hypocritic oath

Primum non nocere. That’s Latin, folks, for “First, do no harm.” It’s actually not in the physician’s traditional Hippocratic Oath, which is Greek anyway. That’s... Read more

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