Bob Franken

Op-ed: Of sleaze and gifts

I’m actually disappointed. I thought that I had settled on this year’s seasonal gift to everyone. Yes, “seasonal” — I’m one of those people who... Read more

Op-ed: The Male Chauvinist Pigdom

I’ve written facetiously before about a fictional nation, the Male Chauvinist Pigdom. Unfortunately, it’s very real and not funny, unless you get your jollies from... Read more

Op-ed: Poisonous sexual harassment

In 1968, Phillip Morris decided the time had come to market cigarettes toward women, who had begun to make discernible social progress and finally moving... Read more

Will there be a Manafort cave?

It’s a cliche in the legal world: A prosecutor could persuade a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. That is, of course, because the... Read more

Op-ed: Intense tents

Some will remember that Ronald Reagan used to describe the GOP as a “big tent,” meaning it had room for a large spectrum of approaches... Read more

Op-ed: The Arkansas shtick

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is from Arkansas, and she frequently likes to spout regional sayings as she deflects tough questions about her boss. President Donald Trump... Read more

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