Bonnie Marie Playle

June musings: A sunny, bright and radiant month

June is the sixth month, and is called the sunny month and its symbols are bright and radiant.

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May musings: A celebration of spring

May is a month of birth, renewal/fresh starts, the return of migratory birds and new blooms.

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Poet's Corner: Ride the Ridges

Ride the Ridges

By Bonnie Marie Playle, Soldotna

Ride the ridges,

stay out of the ruts.

God makes bridges,

when life gets tough.

Life can be mean

not always serene.

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Poet's Corner: Recovery Road

Recovery Road

By Bonnie Marie Playle, Soldotna

This road called Recovery,

what a road it can be,

with its hills, dales and valleys.

Some are short, while some are long,

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