Bud Crawford

Please clean up after your dogs

Dog poop is creating abominable conditions around the trails at the Soldotna Sports Center and Centennial Trials. Please be a responsible dog owner and pick... Read more

Holt brings level headed approach to government

In these times of budget cuts and uncertainty I’m asking friends and neighbors to vote to elect Bill Holt to the borough assembly. I’m supporting... Read more

More than lip service needed from KRSA

The old adage is “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Kenai River Sportsfishing Association (KRSA) statements about conservation on the... Read more

Use of bait a setback for king salmon recovery

This is no time for bait on the Kenai River. Just when things are starting to turn around for king salmon Fish and Game allows... Read more

Joy riders leave drivers in the dust

I’m so concerned about the joyriders in the dust (four-wheelers, dirt bikes and side-by-sides) riding at full speed along major highways. The dust they generate... Read more

Action on fish board candidate disheartening

It is so disheartening to see the well qualified candidate for board of fish, Robert Ruffner, turned down by the legislature. I hope that voters... Read more

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