Claire Kincaid

Verbatim: Even at the table, one can be an example

Several months ago I participated in an activity that powerfully taught me the importance of being an example. My youth group put on an “Etiquette... Read more

Verbatim: We all have a talent worth sharing

Over the past year I have painted six murals around Soldotna. I began the exciting project through Soldotna High School’s art club and then continued... Read more

Verbatim: Always look on the bright side

I once told a friend an aphorism that even though an optimist is wrong just as often as the pessimist, they are far happier. Though... Read more

Verbatim: Delegation takes trust, forgiveness

In a relay race, even the fastest and most capable runner cannot run the entire distance by themselves and expect to win. They must pass... Read more

Verbatim: Capturing life, blemishes and all

This week while editing pictures of my friends and I from Prom, I used a popular photo editing software called Photoshop. I used settings to... Read more

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