Daniel L. Lynch

Scare tactics or reality?

Dear fellow Eaters and Voters, and I hope you’re both, soon we will be voting on Borough Proposition No. 1 — Grocery Taxes! Once we... Read more

Soldotna voters keep an eye on government power

We need more power! “Home Rule Power.” So says the City of Soldotna management and administration. Power to increase taxes, start new tax schemes and... Read more

Soldotna resident not pleased with home rule idea

Now comes the City of Soldotna management and administration with yet another brilliant idea. Yes, that is correct. From the same people that thought that... Read more

Surprising and encouraging lessons learned

As an opponent to he recent Soldotna Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center movement debacle, I learned some enlightened and unexpected lessons.

Lesson 1: The non-political,... Read more

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