Dave Carey

Borough has expenditure problem, not revenue problem

Since deciding to not seek re-election as Borough Mayor in 2011, I have made no political comments regarding Borough politics. However, after reading today’s headline... Read more

A positive response to terrorism

The terrorist attacks around the world and especially in San Bernardino demand that all of us stand up for freedom, liberty and the belief that... Read more

Grocery tax immoral

In the “Old Testament” of the Holy Bible, God identified four transgressions that could not be tolerated; idolatry, sexual misconduct, murder, and economic oppression. The... Read more

'Iron Mike' statue project moves forward

Because of the love for veterans throughout this state and nation, the “Iron Mike” project has raised the first $10,000 to complete the installation of... Read more

Buy local, boycott Anchorage, vote yes

It is time for the people of the Kenai Peninsula to support local businesses by choosing to boycott Anchorage. The money we are handing over... Read more

'God and Country' rally a smashing success

The 23rd Annual Happy Birthday America “God and Country” rally was a big success as it is every year. Thanks to Pastor Alan Humphries and... Read more

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