Dean Hill

Where do limits on personal choice end?

My previous letter asked that veterans’ clubs and fraternal organizations be exempted from SB 1 and HB 328, or a statute be passed directing smoking... Read more

Business owners should have choice on smoking

This concerns the push by some legislators in Juneau to prohibit smoking in public places.

Obviously, there are strong opinions on both sides of the... Read more

Still looking for options

Like me, I think a good majority of Americans are disgusted with the polarization — without compromise — affecting congressional activities in the past few... Read more

Establishments should have a choice in smoking rules

With some age and workplace restrictions, using tobacco products in this country is legal. And, with the proper permits, selling tobacco products is legal. I... Read more

Presidential authority needs checks and balances

People who are happy with this country’s status quo could probably care less whether Congress ever agrees on anything. Others who are not are frustrated... Read more

Add political parties to Do Not Call registry

Would anyone object if the Do Not Call list were amended to include sales pitches from political parties and political election surveys? The amount of... Read more

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