Dee Rusin

Poet's Corner: It's Happening Again

It’s Happening Again

By Dee Rusin, Kenai

It’s happening again

It does it every year

The... Read more

Poem: Mountains to Climb

Mountains to Climb

By Dee Rusin, Kenai

Always another mountain to climb

Once reached the top... Read more

Poem: The Night before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

By Dee Rusin, Kenai

‘Twas the night before Christmas

And all through... Read more

Poem: The Soundless Invaders

The Soundless Invaders

By Dee Rusin, Kenai

A fragile flake

Came floating down

It was... Read more

Poet's Corner: Winter Planning

Winter Planning

Dee Rusin, Kenai

Migratory patterns have begun

Humans head South on the run

Desert... Read more

Poem: Fall


By Dee Rusin, Kenai

Fall is here

How do I know

The wind blew in

Through the... Read more

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