Dee Rusin

Poet's Corner: It's Happening Again

It’s Happening Again

By Dee Rusin, Kenai

It’s happening again

It does it every year

The change is in the air

That is very clear

Silly squirrels scrambling

Scattering everywhere

Secretly storing things

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Poem: Mountains to Climb

Mountains to Climb

By Dee Rusin, Kenai

Always another mountain to climb

Once reached the top

You never can stop

Always another mountain to climb

Always a long valley below

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Poem: The Night before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

By Dee Rusin, Kenai

‘Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the house

Not a creature was stirring

Except that darn mouse

He ate Santa’s cookies

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Poem: The Soundless Invaders

The Soundless Invaders

By Dee Rusin, Kenai

A fragile flake

Came floating down

It was alone

As it hit the ground

Without a sound

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Poet's Corner: Winter Planning

Winter Planning

Dee Rusin, Kenai

Migratory patterns have begun

Humans head South on the run

Desert dwelling in the Sun

Large hoofed animals move around... Read more

Poem: Fall


By Dee Rusin, Kenai

Fall is here

How do I know

The wind blew in

Through the trees

Bending low

Leaves changing colors

Some kind of... Read more

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