Council allows sport guides to buy commercial halibut quota

Culture shifts, as does policy.

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council, master of the nation’s most valuable fishing region, decided on Dec. 10 to implement a... Read more

Bristol Bay sockeye forecast in line with recent average

Bristol Bay can look forward to a regular season in 2017 after two years of hard work, if the forecast is to be believed.

Alaska’s largest... Read more

After internal investigation, Blood Bank clears itself

The Blood Bank of Alaska leadership has investigated itself and found nothing wrong.

Board of directors chairman Ryan York and chief executive officer Bob Scanlon... Read more

ADFG predicts lowest sockeye salmon harvest in 15 years

Forecasts for Upper Cook Inlet sockeye salmon have dropped precipitously, just in time for the state’s fishermen to have another beef with Alaska’s fisheries managers... Read more

Why did the Marijuana Control Board deny this company a license?

Outsiders aren’t allowed to invest in Alaska’s marijuana industry, but like Lower 48 states, they’ll sure try.

Alaska saw its first open attempt at an Outside... Read more

American seafood consumption stays the course

Though the U.S. government promotes seafood as an omega-3 fat-packed ambrosia deserving two meals a week, consumers aren’t biting.

Despite being the second-largest seafood consuming nation,... Read more

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