Donna Walker

Voices of Alaska: Children’s safety is not an acceptable price for border security

The Department of Homeland Security removed more than 2,000 children from their families in a matter of weeks. As mothers and grandmothers who have dedicated... Read more

Voices of Alaska: Preventing teen dating violence

Too many of Alaska’s youth have experienced sexual dating and physical dating violence. In 2017 alone, 1,000 students in Alaska’s traditional high school programs reported... Read more

Voices of Alaska: Let Alaska lead the way

In the aftermath of the violence and hatred on display in Charlottesville this weekend, I found myself in deep reflection.

Read more

Voices of Alaska: Losing my dad to Alzheimer's

My dad had a brilliant mind. A farm boy, he became the first person in all the generations of his family to earn a college... Read more

Voices of Alaska: A vote away from helping Alaska's foster children

As a mother and grandmother and through my work with foster youth and the Alaska Children’s Trust, I have realized that few things are of... Read more

Voices of Alaska: Combating Alaska's epidemic of sexual violence

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It gives us all the opportunity to show our support to survivors of sexual violence, and become part of... Read more

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