Emily Russo Miller

Addict-turned-convict: 'We are the unwanted'

JUNEAU, Alaska — Rayda Tegen had a husband, five children and a $40,000 a year job in Tooele, Utah, for the nearly 20 years she... Read more

Judge: Hiker liable for springing traps, but trapper did not prove damages

A Juneau hiker was not justified in setting off two fur-bearing traps after she rescued an ensnared bald eagle, but she won’t owe the trapper... Read more

Juneau woman who freed eagle from trap back in court

In John Forrest’s eyes, anti-trappers have been springing his traps, stealing his catch, destroying his equipment and generally hindering his livelihood for years. The offenders... Read more

Juneau police update batons

Take a close look at the next Juneau Police Department officer walking down the street, and you might notice something missing from his or her... Read more

Dog owner wants answers after pug electrocuted

After working a long day, Cheryl Buchanan decided to take her dog, a 3½-year-old pug named Siri, for a stroll downtown as she searched for... Read more

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