Eric Treider

Letter to the editor: Raise oil taxes before taxing Alaskans

I was disappointed to see that the Alaska Senate Majority has stooped to employing another push-poll to shape public opinion regarding our fiscal crisis and... Read more

Letter to the editor: New energy options for Alaska

Surprising news from two different sources. Analysts now believe that consumers will purchase electric vehicles at a much faster rate than previously thought... Read more

Stock will lay groundwork for future economy

Margaret Stock believes that Alaskans need to begin laying the groundwork for a post-oil economy now.

She points out that we are uniquely blessed with... Read more

Candidate needed to stand up to oil companies

Following the 2008 FBI investigation of the Corrupt Bastard’s Club that resulted in the indictment of six Republican state legislators, lawmakers crafted an oil tax... Read more

Don't recall Walker when the Legislature is to blame

Imagine a poor farmer returning home from the village with a few moldy scraps of bread to feed his hungry sons. Upon his return, he... Read more

Thornton is the real deal

At a time when our local state legislators seem to be representing everyone but us, I’m thrilled that Shauna Thornton has thrown her hat in... Read more

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