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What others say: Legislature in overtime again

For most of us, 121 days is a decent length of time. It’s about the length of an Interior summer, for instance, which most of... Read more

What others say: Arctic Council sets climate marker

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson offered reasoned and reflective words to his circumpolar counterparts on the subject of global climate change this week in his... Read more

What others say: Legislature move unwarranted

In case you were worried the Legislature might be making too much progress in Juneau on issues of substance such as the state budget and... Read more

What others say: Legislators should resist temptation to shift deficit to cities, boroughs

When state revenue is tight, the budget pressure in Juneau can be intense. For the past two years, legislators have scrutinized the state budget closely,... Read more

What others say: Winter tire debate heats up

If you want to start an argument among Alaskans, a good topic is winter driving. As with many road-based frustrations, most people have strong opinions... Read more

Jury duty legislation ill-conceived

Almost no one relishes the prospect of jury duty.

Although the service is a vital part of our civic responsibility, most people aren’t fond of... Read more

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