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What others say: Legislature should build on budget passage, deal with fiscal crisis

In the end, sanity won out. With nine days to spare before a state government shutdown that would have thrown Alaska into economic chaos, legislators... Read more

What others say: State shutdown not an option

Before last week, Alaskans knew a government shutdown would be bad for the state. Last week, they found out how bad. As the Legislature continued... Read more

What others say: Summer dairy closure underscores difficulty of homegrown food

The summer closure of the Interior’s last remaining dairy is a sobering reminder of the difficulty faced by agricultural businesses in Alaska — and a... Read more

What others say: Missile shield gets needed success

The U.S. missile defense shield got a victory when it needed one most. In a test over the Pacific Ocean on Tuesday, a ground-based interceptor... Read more

What others say: Legislature in overtime again

For most of us, 121 days is a decent length of time. It’s about the length of an Interior summer, for instance, which most of... Read more

What others say: Arctic Council sets climate marker

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson offered reasoned and reflective words to his circumpolar counterparts on the subject of global climate change this week in his... Read more

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