Frank Alioto

Voices of Faith: Well done, good and faithful servant!

How will your life end? Not many of us choose to spend lots of our waking hours fixated on such thoughts unless you are at... Read more

Voices of Faith: Vote for Love

In this mudslinging, name calling election season, it is not hard to see something is missing from the candidates running for America’s highest public office.... Read more

Voices of Faith: Win the prize - run with perseverance

“The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” is a profound way to describe many experiences we face in life.

I have been captivated... Read more

Voices of Faith: What would Jesus really do?

Is anyone else sick and tired of seeing or hearing ugly antics from people who claim to love and follow Jesus?

With all the opportunities... Read more

Voices of Faith: Extraordinary love

As a young boy one of my earliest memories of church centered on the joyful time of attending Sunday School.

For me it was always... Read more

Voices of Faith: How to be 'strange' and live like a 'stranger'

According to an American survey in The Washington Post “the fear of strangers” made it into the top five fears people face.

While there are... Read more

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