Frank Alioto

Voices of Faith: 'The light has come'

Throughout the ages and the world’s vast geography the presence of light has regulated how people live and is even used to describe how one... Read more

Voices of Faith: Will the dead rise - and will you be ready?

It seemed like an ordinary promotional email from an online outdoor gear store, but there was an eye catching question in the subject matter: “Will... Read more

Voices of Faith: Where can I go from your presence?

With school underway, isn’t it time for a pop quiz? I can almost hear the collective “sigh” for even entertaining such a notion.

Well, in... Read more

Voices of Faith: Am I really living the dream?

“I am living the dream!” is often heard from people happy about something in life. Often it is tied to going on a dream vacation,... Read more

Voices of Faith: 'Is it alive?'

As a young boy, my friends and I would love to share about different discoveries we made in nature. Whether it was an insect or... Read more

A really good ending

Whether it is the final moments of a sporting event, a concert encore, the completion of a journey or even the last tasty bite of... Read more

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