George Matz

Voices of the Peninsula: Kachemak Bay Research Reserve in jeopardy

Budget cuts recently requested by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) will close the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve (KBRR). Of course that’s not... Read more

Murkowski deserves kudos for Pebble stance

Senator Murkowski is to be commended for recently calling the bluff of the Pebble Partnership by asking for “detailed plans and a timeline for developing... Read more

Can we trust the Pebble permitting process?

I attended the public presentation given by Pebble Partnership last week in Homer. I asked Mike Heatwole, vice president of public affairs, how much public... Read more

Legislature needs to repair Board of Game

It's time for the Legislature to repair the fence.

In its surreptitious attempt to privatize wildlife, has the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and... Read more

Wildlife Management at a crossroads

During the Palin/Parnell era, ADF&G has, with its abundance based ideology (i.e. game ranching), become a socialistic entitlement agency that wants to put a moose/caribou... Read more

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