Glynn Moore

53 years ago, I was too young to meet the new Mustang

Today, April 17, was a famous day back in 1964. Ford introduced a new class of car, the pony car, so-called because that car was... Read more

Good Cops

It’s been 30½ years since sheriff’s Deputy Tony Wil­der set out on a cold January Friday to serve a committal warrant on a south Georgia... Read more

TV dinners too heavy on carbs, fine print

We don’t eat a lot of frozen meals in our house, but lately we’ve been having pot pies on nights when we’re pushed for time... Read more

Babies survive

How has the human race lasted this long? Without modern medical training and facilities, for example, how did babies get born all those thousands of... Read more

Symptons of aging

Last week I wrote about the changes that come with the passing years. Moreover, those years pass faster the further we get from the neonatal... Read more

Glynn Moore: My car is too unsophisticated to hack

Driving has always been scary, from trying to keep your Model T right side up to holding your Ferrari below 200 mph. Now you have... Read more

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