Gov. Bill Walker

Walker: Legislators, please join fellow Alaskans on the rope

As governor, I enjoy shaking a lot of hands. But one handshake in particular stuck with me.

At the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport last... Read more

Voices of Alaska: Alaskans deserve a permanent solution

Thousands of Alaskan families likely breathed a sigh of relief May 31 when the legislature passed its budget to avoid a government shutdown less than... Read more

Voices of Alaska: Time to put our wealth to work

By now, most of you know we have a budget challenge: Over the past two years, Alaska’s oil revenue has plummeted by 88 percent, mainly... Read more

Voices of Alaska: Tightening our belts

As most Alaskans know, a sharp drop in the price of oil over the last year-and-a-half blew a gaping hole in the state’s budget. This... Read more

Voices of Alaska: Thanks to Legislature for advancing gasline

This was an historic week for Alaska. Thanks to our state legislators, we took a significant step toward controlling our own destiny.

The legislature held... Read more

Voices of Alaska: High-level talks on Air Force One

I was not quite a teenager when I had my first interaction with the federal government.

In 1963, I was awarded the janitorial contract for... Read more

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