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Pioneer Potluck: About Living to 100 Years of Age

Laura Titera, Charis Assisted Living

Kenai, Alaska. 1916 to 2016


We recently had the honor of attending the 100th birthday of a pretty little... Read more

Pioneer Potluck: About Making Memories

This summer’s memories starting in June. We were blessed with Bobs daughter, Daphene and husband Jeff Goff for a 11 day visit. They also combined... Read more

Pioneer Potluck: About 'Is you w-wwitching today'

October, 1962

Fort Collins, Colorado,

Brick house on Smith Street


I was reminded of the following story, when I saw this on Facebook. “If... Read more

Pioneer Potluck: About fishing

Fishing, camping, traveling, visitors and mosquitoes

You are truly an Alaskan if you smell like mosquito repellent and fish in the summer. Or campfire smoke and... Read more

Pioneer Potluck: About fishing in the olden days

1967 To 1972

North Kenai

Now North Nikiski, Alaska

I cannot help but to think back on the year I came to Alaska with my... Read more

About being afraid of big bodies of water and boats

Year 1969 North Kenai, Alaska, now Nikiski, Alaska

Arness Dock

Growing up in Northern Colorado and coming to Alaska in my 29th year, with 3... Read more

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