Grant Parkki

Voices of Faith: Don’t go hungry — cultivate your fruit

On a road trip coming back from Anchorage this last week, I had my heart broken by a bag of beef jerky.

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Voices of Faith: Nothing beats real face time

One of the great challenges of living in our beautiful state is living almost half a continent away from our extended families. Parents, siblings, cousins,... Read more

Voices of Faith: Resolution vs. renewal

Now that the season of Christmas is behind us, we enter into a new year. It’s a special time, a time when local gyms and... Read more

Voices of Faith: Route can be complicated, but have faith in the destination

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the GPS guidance (in Facebook parlance I would say “it’s complicated”). Of course I do realize... Read more

Voices of Faith: The risk of loving others

I could read the seriousness of the situation the moment I picked up the phone, before my wife even finished her sentence. “You need to... Read more

Voices of Faith: Your focus can determine your reality

Last winter I did something last winter that I would have never expected myself to do: I bought a light to make me happy. I... Read more

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