Grant Parkki

Voices of Faith: Nothing beats real face time

One of the great challenges of living in our beautiful state is living almost half a continent away from our extended families. Parents, siblings, cousins,... Read more

Voices of Faith: Resolution vs. renewal

Now that the season of Christmas is behind us, we enter into a new year. It’s a special time, a time when local gyms and... Read more

Voices of Faith: Route can be complicated, but have faith in the destination

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the GPS guidance (in Facebook parlance I would say “it’s complicated”). Of course I do realize... Read more

Voices of Faith: The risk of loving others

I could read the seriousness of the situation the moment I picked up the phone, before my wife even finished her sentence. “You need to... Read more

Voices of Faith: Your focus can determine your reality

Last winter I did something last winter that I would have never expected myself to do: I bought a light to make me happy. I... Read more

Voices of Faith: Friday is good because Sunday makes it so

Today, Christians all over the world are recognizing what has become known as “Good Friday.”

As is often the case with the struggles we go... Read more

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