Grant Parkki

Voices of Faith: Your focus can determine your reality

Last winter I did something last winter that I would have never expected myself to do: I bought a light to make me happy. I... Read more

Voices of Faith: Friday is good because Sunday makes it so

Today, Christians all over the world are recognizing what has become known as “Good Friday.”

As is often the case with the struggles we go... Read more

Voices of Faith: Our true stability

If there was anything unusual about Saturday night for us, it was that I was actually in bed on time. I tend to be a... Read more

Voices of Faith: It's a marathon, not a race

Having lived in a lot of different places, I enjoy the opportunity that social networking gives me to keep connected with friends and family, no... Read more

You have to clear a lot of brush before you cut down a tree

Just a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to help some people clear some land. Now, I understand this is pretty normal, mundane experience... Read more

People have value because they are loved

With the 2014 Christmas season is behind us, our family has begun the task of making room for the new gifts in the house.

In... Read more

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