Greg Brush

Catch-and-release column off base

As a longtime Alaskan who loves our resources and special way of life immensely, I found the Dec. 4 Peninsula Clarion’s “Outdoor View” column offensive... Read more

Time for Kenai River guides to look in the mirror

Saturday, I witnessed something disturbing and disgusting.

The night before, the managers of our resources announced they would liberalize the Kenai River king salmon sport... Read more

Deja vu in king salmon fishery

Well, our fearless leaders have done it again! It’s like deja vu all over again!

Similar to last year, the managers of our sport fisheries... Read more

Voices of the Peninsula: King salmon fishery should open with conservation measures

In the last few days, I’ve heard a lot of noise about commercial fisherman getting all the dipnetters fish. And of course, as usual, the... Read more

Time to speak up on fish stocking plans

The middle of winter seems like a strange time to discuss king salmon management. However, nothing could be farther than the truth.

With Alaska Department... Read more

Don’t forget the king

As sport anglers wind down with another abundant sockeye run and move towards pesky pinks and super silvers, let’s not forget our wild king salmon.... Read more

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