James Brooks

Juneau population drops to 2012 levels

If employment is the pulse of an economy, population is its blood pressure — a sign of its overall condition.

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Walker proposal would freeze pay

Gov. Bill Walker is preparing to propose a bill that would freeze the pay of nonunion employees at the University of Alaska, Alaska Court System,... Read more

Beneath the waves or underground, warming Alaska poses multiple threats

When you talk to climatologists about 2016, the phrase “mind-boggling” comes up a lot.

“For crying out loud, yesterday it was 36 degrees in... Read more

Dividend, alongside budget, will be a focus for lawmakers

Sen. Bill Wielechowski knows the state needs to balance its budget. The Anchorage Democrat just wants to make sure that Alaskans’ Permanent Fund... Read more

Alcohol regulations poised for overhaul

Sen. Peter Micciche, R-Soldotna, is expected to be the key figure this year as long-awaited reforms to Alaska’s alcohol laws reach the Legislature... Read more

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