Jerry Baty

Look to different calendar for date of Resurrection

Funny thing happened on the way to 2016 concerning the celebration of Christ Jesus’s Resurrection from the dead celebration 3 days after the Passover Sabbath.... Read more

Something has got to change


We, all of America are in the midst of an Economic shutdown due to a “failure to communicate,” supposedly. With what may seem as... Read more

Signs point to world changes

We here in Alaska sometimes forget that what happens in the outside world does affect us as we go about our secheduled lives, the local... Read more

What's behind ammo shortages?

Ammo shortages everywhere. There was a story of ammo shortages in Fairbanks and the continual search for such by many who know that Tuesday is... Read more

Is there a war on Christmas?

So this is my question, is there a war on Christ-mas or not? Just who is waging this war and for what reasons? I have... Read more

Citizens have a right to cast a vote - or not

Just this last week the Clarion had an opinion letter from one of the Kenai’s longtime residents which suggested that voters should not be allowed... Read more

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