Jim Johnsen

Voices of Alaska: UA working to build a culture of education

The University of Alaska is facing continued budgetary and market pressures that compel us to change how we provide higher education for Alaskans... Read more

Op-ed: The University of Alaska is rising to the occasion

There was a time in Alaska when leadership was seized by those who had inexhaustible enthusiasm and strong motivation to address the challenges... Read more

Voices of Alaska: A great state needs a great university

In a few short weeks, more than 4,600 students will cross graduation stages all across Alaska and begin the journey into the next phase of their... Read more

Voices of Alaska: Challenges ahead will make UA stronger

As I reflect on my first 120 days serving as President of the University of Alaska, and look toward the days and years ahead, I see three... Read more

Let's give SB 21 a chance to work

The oil tax debate in Alaska continues on, as advocates seek a referendum to undo recently passed oil tax reforms. This effort is based on... Read more

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