Joe Arness

School Board District 3-Nikiski: Continue district’s high quality of service

Public education has been, and continues to be, a lightning rod which attracts lots of public support, criticism, attention, and derision. Thru it all, the... Read more

Voices of the Peninsula: Energy, emotion should be focused on building for the future

Change can be a daunting process.

Even when we know that the change will be for the better, as humans we fear and oppose it. That... Read more

Septage site series demands response

Mark Twain once said “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.” Probably wise counsel. However, the series of articles which... Read more

Arness: Legislature should be more transparent to citizens

Editor’s note: The following opinion pieces were requested by the Clarion to offer our readers the viewpoints of those running for office in the Aug.... Read more

Arness: Family wishes to do what it can to 'clean up' site

Much to my dismay, I awoke on Sunday morning to a news article which served to reopen an old wound in the history of my... Read more

Arness: District must provide most inclusive plan possible

The citizens, businesses, and governmental entities involved in providing the public education system in our Borough make tremendous sacrifices to do that in the most... Read more

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