John A. Anderson

User groups must band together to help kings

User groups must band together to help kings

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Gas found should be managed for benefit of the people

All this money being spent by CINGSA and the gang of four, Homer Electric, Municipal Light and Power, Chugach Electric and Enstar is all for... Read more

Parents should be accountable for childrens' dividends

As with a recurring nightmare, the annul receipt of the permanent fund dividend once again reminds me that child abuse comes in many forms. While... Read more

Corporate tax breaks not good for Alaska

For decades from territorial time and beyond millions of dollars were invested by outside companies in timber, commercial fisheries, coal, pulp mills and more that... Read more

Poem: Coal For Fish

Coal For Fish

By John A. Anderson, Kenai

The moon rises above the Alaska Range like an

island in the sky sleeping in the starlight ...

The windsongs on... Read more

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