John McCombs

Why the pushback over net pens?

The recent article on Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association net pens was very informative. The use of the net pens is temporary, used to imprint fish.... Read more

A new day for the fish board?

The 1999 Board of Fish meeting was very contentious. The vice-chair created an “Umbrella Plan” on his laptop. Remember there were no arrests, no ambulance... Read more

King salmon lose with catch-and-release

So the hook and release mortality downplayed at 10 percent, however not expressed that the fish that are released do not spawn, and the oxygen... Read more

Keep an eye on the fish board

Congratulations to Robert Ruffner on his fish board appointment. Talk about a reversal of fortune compared to all the flap a year ago. Alan Cain,... Read more

Silence over fish board nominees deafening

Regarding Robert Ruffner’s confirmation hearing (Peninsula Clarion, March 11): a simple truth, Sen. Stoltze and Sen. Wielechowski, both lawmakers, do not know the law. The... Read more

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