John Nelson

Catch-and-release about conserving money

Anyone claiming that catch-and-release is a conservation tool is greatly mistaken. Catch-and-release is not a conservation tool — catch-and-release kills fish.

What catch and release... Read more

Disagreement is between Materialism, Theism

Jubilee Johnston’s letter-to-the-editor (Clarion, Nov. 25) does well to note that “... students are not being taught ... that both evolutionism and creationism are faith... Read more

Sullivan didn't want Alaskans to stand their ground

Lately, I have been hearing how Dan Sullivan, the one running for U.S. Senate, has been trying to rehabilitate his record on firearms. Recently, I... Read more

Comments made anonymously should be substantiated

The high level of journalism displayed by the Clarion and Ms. McChesney in their coverage of Cook Inlet’s fishery issues stands in stark and startling... Read more

How far should 'improvement of health' go?

Thanks be to Central Peninsula Hospital and CEO Rick Davis for establishing a no-fly zone to which area residents may flee for refuge and in... Read more

Hospital has lost sight of original purpose

Area residents might do well to remember that the current hospital-versus-docs fiasco is being brought to us by the same folks who concocted the need... Read more

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