Kasi McClure

Here’s the Thing: Dare to be bold

This article marks my seventh year writing my column for the Peninsula Clarion, so it needed to be unique. A couple weeks ago I joined... Read more

Here's the Thing: One thing at a time

This article just happens to be on the day of Christmas. No pressure.

This isn’t really my year for talking about the overwhelming power of... Read more

Here's the thing: Find a way to keep yourself afloat

Every holiday season I try to adopt an attitude that will keep me afloat. It’s my version of wearing a life jacket of sanity. When... Read more

Here's the Thing: Finding balance

Don’t you hate it when you feel relaxed during a stressful situation, but everyone else is losing it?

It bothers me, because I try so... Read more

Here's the thing: The family business

One thing that stands out when driving through the Lower 48 is seeing the big brand name stores on repeat. The towns seem mushed together... Read more

Here's the thing: Thinking of others first has its rewards

Sundays set the tone for my week. I love sitting in church for an hour receiving a positive message that gives me hope that maybe... Read more

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