Kate Veh

Vote for Thornton in November

I’d like to recommend that people vote for Shauna Thornton for Alaska State House this November. Shauna is an opportunity you don’t want to pass... Read more

Keep a level head with online footage

I’m sending this message with my unconditional respect.

We live in an age where cameras are everywhere and sometimes very unfortunate scenes are recorded and... Read more

Senate should proceed with hearings for Garland

I called my Senators today. My recommendation for them is that they proceed with the Merrick Garland Hearings for the Supreme Court position.

I’ve read... Read more

Time to weigh in on salmon vs. coal

Now is the time to tell the Department of Natural Resources what you think about the “Salmon vs. Coal” issue. A strip mine is being... Read more

Voter supports Thornton

A vote for Shauna Thornton is the smart vote!

Her campaign has been run in person, going from door to door, talking to people face... Read more

Begich working for Alaskans

I’d like to invite you to vote for Mark Begich in the next election. Mark has always listened to and included Alaskans. Although massive amounts... Read more

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