Kelly Wolf

Think about Alaska's PFD; where is it going?

This week as Alaskan’s begin to receive their PFD’s. Those who vote should also be considering who they are going to vote for. Every year... Read more

Residents need to vote Aug. 16

Alaska is facing a $3.5 billion deficit in its spending that the Legislature has created.

The Governors veto of $660 million from the PFD payout... Read more

Kelly Wolf: District 1 facing many challenges

District 1 has some tough issues facing it in the next few years. Annexation being one of them, one I have come out swinging against... Read more

Assembly term limits should be kept in place

Defining term limits? Our founding fathers of this great nation came together to put pen to paper to form a nation that would withstand centuries... Read more

Better methods to encourage habitat protection available

Beginning with an external review dated June 30, 2009, authored by Mr. Lawrence R. Heath, who was contracted by the Kenai Watershed Forum through the... Read more

Clearing the air on habitat

Nearly seventeen years ago I with help from others who believed as I did began an organization to involve local youth in restoring fish habitat.... Read more

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