Les Palmer

An Outdoor View: Fishing around

A video on YouTube shows Royal Marines helping appreciative locals catch fish in Afghanistan. If you’re thinking, “Good for those Marines,” consider that they’re fishing... Read more

An Outdoor View: Of grouse and cutthroat

I can remember a few fall days when I wished I’d stayed in bed, but most of my memories of fall days are good. So... Read more

An Outdoor View: Bragging rights

I’ve seen the term “bragging rights” used many times, and I recently got to wondering about it.

You won’t find bragging rights specifically named in the... Read more

An Outdoor View: Big fish, big fight

Author’s note: For various reasons, most big halibut are caught by anglers fishing from charter boats. This story is about a very large halibut that... Read more

An Outdoor View: Success in fishing

Tell people you went fishing, and their usual response will be, “How’d ja do?”

What they really want to know is how many you caught, how... Read more

An Outdoor View: Why we fish

Author’s note: The Clarion first published this column in 1996. Lots of things have changed since then, but the reasons we fish remain the same.... Read more


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