Les Palmer

An Outdoor View: Choices

When I was a small child, I was taught that to kill or injure any living thing for no reason is wrong. I’ve since learned... Read more

An Outdoor View: Rod, Jenna and the whitefish

Author’s note: At the insistent request of a reader who must be losing it, I once again attempt to attract readers by spicing up some... Read more

An Outdoor View: On adversity

While listening to the radio the other day, I heard two people talking about going to Mars. One asked, “Why would anyone want to go... Read more

An Outdoor View: Fishing in the days of sail

Author’s note: This column first appeared in the Clarion on Jan. 24, 2003. I’ve edited it for brevity. — LP

The Atlantic cod fishery, on... Read more

An Outdoor View: Fishing around

A video on YouTube shows Royal Marines helping appreciative locals catch fish in Afghanistan. If you’re thinking, “Good for those Marines,” consider that they’re fishing... Read more

An Outdoor View: Of grouse and cutthroat

I can remember a few fall days when I wished I’d stayed in bed, but most of my memories of fall days are good. So... Read more


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