Mark Conway

Voices of Faith: What if?

Isn’t life full of “What if’s?” I think there are considerable “What if’s” from the past we can all think of IF we all attest to think back far... Read more

Voices of Faith: Who am I?

Often times I meet new people, as all of us do, either at work, school or just out and about. I find it interesting how we identify ourselves to... Read more

Voices of Faith: The Lord gives and the Lord takes away

I once worked as a car salesman for a season before I moved to Alaska 23 years ago. The Lord Jesus had a powerful, profound lesson for me as I... Read more

Voices of Faith: Eye has not seen, ear has not heard

The other day, I saw in a magazine a photo of a really wealthy oil sheik’s property on an oasis in the middle of a very sandy desert as far as the... Read more

Voices of Faith: Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven

When I was a senior in high school, our Sunday school teacher told our class a very profound statement that scared me nearly to death. He read to... Read more

Voices of Faith: New Year's resolution for Christ

We’ve probably by now heard others or thought yourself a few thoughts on making a good New Year’s resolution for 2016. My mom was great about... Read more

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