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By Melinda Anderson, Kasilof

He’ll never have the chance to walk her down the aisle

She’ll never have the chance to see him with a... Read more

Poem: Who am I

Who am I

By Melinda Anderson, Sterling

Who am I,

But a simple girl.

One who wishes this were a better world.

I wish I could see every child smile,

One... Read more

Nearing the end of the school year

So here we are, one single month left of school. And some of us are thinking “Im ready for summer.” or “I cant wait for... Read more

Youth today have forgotten how to just be kind

Saying sorry, opening the door for a total stranger, smiling at someone to try to brighten their day, or simply just being kind.

This generation... Read more


By Melinda Anderson, Kasilof


What is it like to be without a friend?

One that will be with you until the very end?

It’s... Read more

Trust is still an important virtue

Something that really gets to me is how much trust a teenager has. Whether it is trusting friends, adults, or even having trust given to... Read more

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