Michele Vasquez

Congress must address campaign spending

Over six years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court made one of the worst rulings in this country’s history on Citizens United vs. FEC.

The majority... Read more

Legislature should expand Medicaid

Dear Alaska Legisture: stop the madness!

This letter is geared towards the Majority, not the Minority.

Enough! Fund education fully, cut the tax breaks for... Read more

Time to act on Medicaid expansion

I fully support the expansion of Medicaid in Alaska. The reason is quite simple: 40,000 of my fellow Alaskans will receive health care coverage. How... Read more

Trust fellow Alaskans on Prop 1

For those stealing the Vote Yes on Prop 1 signs as well as the signs of candidates who support the repeal of SB 21, not... Read more

Legislative spending offensive

So, the new LIO “Taj Mahawker” in Anchorage is going to get $500,000 in new furniture. For this nice little spending spree, we can thank... Read more

Legislature should hold hearing on referendum

The state legislature has broken the law and failed to hold hearings on the upcoming Oil Giveaway repeal initiative. Last year, the state legislature held... Read more

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