House panel hears breakdown on educational costs

JUNEAU — The Legislative Finance Division told the House Finance Committee on Monday that Alaska will spend $1.4 billion on education this fiscal year, and... Read more

Senate committee works on new reading program

JUNEAU — The Senate Education Committee heard a bill Friday that would establish a reading program for elementary school students with reading difficulties, an effort... Read more

Bill to end high school exit exams advances in House finance

JUNEAU, Alaska — The House Finance Committee on Thursday moved a bill that would end the high school exit examination.

House Bill 220, sponsored by... Read more

House Education considers delaying standards

JUNEAU — The House Education Committee began hearing testimony on a resolution Wednesday to delay implementing new English language and mathematics standards for Alaska.

House Resolution... Read more

House Finance takes up charter school education bill

JUNEAU — The House Finance Committee on Tuesday continued its discussion of Gov. Sean Parnell’s omnibus education bill, focusing on the charter schools.

Many committee members... Read more

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