Mike Navarre

Voices of Alaska: Health of economy, state connected

We’re optimistic that our Alaska Legislature will be able to not only strengthen the course of criminal justice reform by passing SB 54, but also... Read more

Voices of the Peninsula: LNG project should set realistic expectations

The Kenai Peninsula Borough enthusiastically supports development of an Alaska North Slope natural gas project, in particular the current proposal that would locate the gas... Read more

Voices of the Peninsula: Voters should consider facts, effects of ballot propositions

Two Kenai Borough ballot propositions in the Oct. 4 election are about sharing the responsibility for our community among taxpayers and maintaining a fair balance... Read more

Voices of the Peninsula: Permanent Fund earnings should be part of budget solution

Announcement of the annual Permanent Fund dividend is one of Alaskans’ most anticipated events of the year. Dividends are clearly important to Alaska residents and... Read more

Local governments can't wait on climate change

“Think global, act local” is, yes, a cliché, but it’s also a reality for borough, city and village leaders across Alaska who must confront the... Read more

Voices of the Peninsula: Medicaid expansion makes sense for Alaska

Why does it make sense to take on Medicaid expansion in these times of fiscal challenges and diminished budgets? Aren’t we supposed to be tightening... Read more

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