Milli Martin

As times change, so must tax exemption

Thank you for the great article in Tuesday’s paper about Ballot Proposition 4, concerning the Senior Citizen Property Tax exemption. I am a senior, and... Read more

An open letter to the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly

At your meeting of January 7th, the ordinance sponsored by the Mayor, Mr. Smalley and Mr. Smith was defeated by a 5 to 4 vote.... Read more

Regarding the call to repeal Ordinance 2011-12

Wasn’t it interesting to receive the mailed flyers recommending the repeal of Ordinance 2011-12, from Chicago, Illinois! Wow, with all their big city problems, amazing... Read more

Appointed boards can be effective for borough

Regarding Ordinance 2012-07, Service Area Boards from Elected to Appointed:

Learning moments. There are many when serving on the Assembly. But, I think the vocal... Read more

An open letter to the Board of Directors, and, members of HEA

Re: Hydro Plans for Grant Lake and Creek

Over the past 4 years I have watched as the initial HEA plans to create hydroelectric projects... Read more

Writer likes Navarre's experience

During my years of public service, it has always surprised me, that less than 30% of the voters come out to vote. And that includes... Read more

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