Molly Dischner

Group continues effort to get setnet ban on 2016 ballot

JUNEAU — A proposed voter initiative to ban setnets in urban parts of Alaska is making its way toward the ballot, while a lawsuit over... Read more

Regulatory board reviews proposed marijuana regulations

JUNEAU — Communities could opt-out or limit marijuana businesses much the same way they do alcohol under proposed regulations put forth by the state alcohol... Read more

Businesses, schools partner on maritime job skills

JUNEAU — In coastal communities throughout Alaska, several organizations are working together to prepare more Alaskans for jobs in the maritime industry.

The industry needs employees... Read more

Lawmakers plan work on marijuana bills over interim

JUNEAU — Alaska lawmakers say they will continue working on marijuana bills over the interim.

Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, R-Anchorage, said the House Judiciary Committee, which she... Read more

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