Nancy Whiting

Life experience would make for a better juror

Throughout my adult life I have held the belief it is my privilege, honor, and duty to be willing to serve when called for jury duty. I have been... Read more

Resident has lots of questions about animal control

I’ve been thinking about the “limited animal control” recently discussed in the Borough Assembly and that has been passed on to the ballot for... Read more

Poem: Happy Place

Happy Place

By Nancy Whiting, Kenai

When asked where is my ‘happy place’

I thought I did not know... Read more

Poem: I Want to Talk

I Want to Talk

By Nancy Whiting, Kenai

I want to talk to my mother.

Oh, how I wish I could,

... Read more

Poem: A Quilted Landscape

A Quilted Landscape

By Nancy Whiting, Kenai

Through the intermittent clouds

The rays of light... Read more

Troopers' citizen academy a worthwhile experience

On May 22, 2013 a group of thirty adults quietly graduated from an eleven-week academy. There was no fanfare, no news write-up. There were... Read more

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