Neil Robinson

Those profiting should not be dispensing health care

When I hear my new Republican senator grumble about how messed up Obamacare is, he should remember that his conservative colleagues in the Congress said... Read more

State lawmakers should provide their own insurance

If Rep. Shelley Hughes, the Republican State House member from Palmer, really believes what she is saying that “a caring person wants to see someone... Read more

Alaska's delegation is part of Washington, D.C. problems

Well, there they were, our three knuckleheads from Washington, D.C., standing there trying to convince us what Alaskans they are. The old man of the... Read more

Oil tax isn't only law that should be given a chance

How ironic that Governor Parnell is now begging us Alaskans to give his tax give-away “a chance,” when not long ago the people for Obamacare... Read more

Would senator give up her health care?

I'm in complete agreement with Lisa Murkowski on her evaluation of health care. I think that she should even become the poster woman of how... Read more

Poet's Corner: A Pep In Our Step

America has a pep in our step
There is no junk in our trunk
Feelin’ spry, flyin’ high
We got the guy, like swattin’ a... Read more

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