Nick Higgins

Had a bad day? Take inspiration from your kids

Recently, I was having a bad day. You know the kind, an oversleep, out of your favorite breakfast food, Folgers coffee, toothpaste on the shirt... Read more

A reminder — I’ll have what you’re having

My children have a wonderful way of teaching me important life lessons, as a parent. In fact, I often feel that they are teaching me... Read more

Keep your "spiritual ringer" on at all times

As a pastor, I've come to loathe the sound of my phone ringing early on a Sunday morning--it's never a good call. I don't think... Read more

Actions will make the difference, not words

Total pandemonium. This is what I experienced recently when my wife and I visited an indoor playground for children in Anchorage. The concept of this... Read more

The difference between a good and a great man

I recently attended the funeral of a longstanding member of our church. The man was honored for his leadership and integrity at home and in... Read more

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