Peggy Mullen

A tragic disconnect on climate change

Oh, how I miss winter! Remember how the snow crunched underfoot and reflected back into our squinting eyes, releasing a smile? Remember when the Kenai... Read more

Collaboration can help address climate change

It is mid-January and the Kenai River has opened. I’m wondering whether the tiny salmon, with the egg sac still hanging from their bellies will... Read more

Salmon protection must be maintained

If salmon could vote with their fins, they would swim upstream to a voting booth on Tuesday.

The borough assembly, after a long and often... Read more

Time to stand up against corporate interests

It has begun, another industry battle for the hearts and minds of Alaska’s people and for our shared resources. First there were the announcements of... Read more

Comparing the Senate District O candidates

Last legislative session, our governor proposed an annual $2,000,000,000 tax break (for 10 years, with no strings attached!) for the companies that extract our oil... Read more

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