Peter Zuyus

Voices of the Peninsula: A day at the Republican District 31 Convention

The following is a true story, no names have been changed and everyone is innocent:

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Save the KPB senior exemption

At the last assembly meeting, KPB Mayor Navarre introduced Ordinance 2016-24 to eliminate the KPB senior citizen property exemption. The mayor’s proposal attempts to create... Read more

Resident opposed to bed tax

Bill Smith, KPB Assembly Member from Homer has introduced Ordinance 2014-25, the “Area wide Transient Accommodations Tax,” also called the “bed tax.” He asks KPB... Read more

Fall ballot will impact Peninsula seniors

There are approximately 10,000 senior citizens on the Kenai Peninsula and a majority are registered voters. We are a strong voter demographic. Let’s use our... Read more

Budget issues can be addressed without more taxes

In Mayor Navarre’s announcement to run for re-election he made several statements that are audacious at best and surely deflecting poor management by the borough,... Read more

Today's senior citizens built Alaska for tomorrow's seniors

Who are the seniors?

We are your parents, grandparents, great-grand parents, friends and neighbors. The state of Alaska has bestowed the senior designation upon us... Read more

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