Rev. Stephen S. Brown

Voices of Faith: Thriving in life

This is my first newspaper article of the year. If this were published on the internet, it would be a blog I suppose. I never thought I would ever... Read more

Voices of Faith: The doctrine of fairness

I ask the question to many people only to receive the same response by either a stare that says “you’re crazy” or words to that effect. The... Read more

Voices of Religion: You might only be cheating yourself

Telling the truth is a foundational touchstone to our way of life. Can you imagine trying to get through a single day not knowing if others are... Read more

There's a difference between 'being' and 'doing'

Perhaps in the waning days of 2012 we might give a little thought to how we will focus our time, energy and resources in the new year. Whether you... Read more

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